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We love helping children develop a genuine love for Jesus, find meaningful friendships, and discover their purpose.

In Menlo Kids, we meet your child at their level in exciting, relevant ways. Our team helps your child discover Jesus through age-appropriate, hands-on Bible lessons. We partner with parents, working together so kids learn in a physically, spiritually, and emotionally safe context.

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3 months - 2 years

Nursery and Toddlers

At this age, we know your child is all about exploring. They’re constantly moving, touching, and investigating as they learn about the world around them. Our group leaders nurture this curiosity in each child, meeting their needs, praying over them, and getting all the snuggles in.
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3-5 years


During this stage, it’s important for kids to lean into their creativity as they begin to discover how God created them and the world they live in. In the preschool classrooms, our group leaders help cultivate this natural wonder through worship, video-based Bible stories, and hands-on activities.
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K-5th grade


In this age group, kids are focused on harnessing their influence. Our group leaders help develop a passion for loving others and making a difference in the elementary environment. We engage kids through worship, video-based Bible stories, and hands-on critical thinking activities.
“At Menlo, our family has found community that not only enriches our lives, but supports and encourages our pursuit of Jesus.”

Bryant Barr


You’ll be greeted by a warm face

Check-in for the kids environments opens 15 minutes before gathering begins. To check in your child, we’ll need the parents’ name(s), address, and phone number plus the child’s name, birthdate, and any special instructions such as allergies or special needs. We value your privacy and will not share this information with anyone. Our dedicated check-in team is available to help you through the process and help them find their environment.


Your kids will be safe and sound

All kids small group leaders have been trained to ensure your child remains safe. We also have a dedicated safety team ensuring that only parents and vetted team members enter the kids’ environments. Every team member is background checked. We follow up on their personal references and also crosscheck the sex offender registry and global watchlist.


They’ll get a chance to meet new friends

In Menlo kids, our community fosters a deep sense of belonging and spiritual growth for the next generation. With engaging activities kids are introduced to a God who loves them, and they develop friendship with leaders and peers.


Find answers to common questions about our Kids Ministry policies, safety measures, and schedules.

How is safety ensured?

All volunteers are a part of our community for a minimum of 6 months, have references, and pass two background checks. In addition, there is a secure check-in and check-out process at all services. Lastly, we require all our volunteers to be Mandated Reporters.

What do I do on my first visit?

Our Kids team will guide you all along the way and will be there to answer any questions. If you have haven’t already, you will fill out the form to register your children. Save time by filling out the registration form online.

Who will be teaching my children?

Our Kids staff team and trusted volunteers who have been trained and equipped will be teaching your kids on Sundays. Each teacher uses the same curriculum at all our campuses.

Can my child attend the adult service with me?

Kids of all ages are welcome in our worship services. We have adjacent spaces for active little ones if you are more comfortable having space to move. We also have coloring pages for kids in our lobby spaces.

Family Resources

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Parent Cue App

The app gives you weekly insights to help you understand your child’s current development.
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Preschool Curriculum

Check back here each week to get the weekly worksheet and video.
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Elementary Curriculum

Check back here each week to get the weekly worksheet and video.

policies and procedures

Menlo Church is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, moral, and legal conduct. Below are links to the policies in place.