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sermon-based study guide

This guide is designed to guide a group discussion around the weekend sermon. You can also use this as an individual, but we highly recommend finding a friend and inviting them to discuss with you. Menlo Church has Life Groups meeting in-person and online using these guides. We’d love to help you find a group.
What you will find in this guide: A discussion guide for groups and individuals. If you are using this as an individual be sure to engage with each question in a journal or simply in your mind as you prayerfully consider what you heard in the sermon and seek to discover what God is inviting you to know and do.

SSG 070724

BEYOND THE BASICS | July 7, 2024


How do you typically recharge during the week?


Read Romans 8:9-11 aloud as a group and discuss:

  • What does it mean to be "in the Spirit" according to these verses?
  • Paul talks about a "dual reality" we live in (v. 10). Can you describe this reality in your own words?
  • How does the idea that the "resurrection power of the creator of the universe is pulsing through your veins" (from the sermon) change your perspective on your challenges?


  • When do you feel most disconnected from God's power? What are some practical ways you can reconnect?
  • Think about an area of your life where you're struggling. How can the concept of "God's power is bigger than your problems and closer than you think" be applied to this situation?


  • Take a moment of silence to reflect on the discussion.
  • Ask for volunteers to share prayer requests.
  • Pray together, thanking God for His presence and power in our lives, and asking for His guidance and strength as we face our challenges.